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It’s About ‘You’

We’d like to think that you’ve arrived on this website after we’ve been recommended by a friend, work colleague or family. The chances are that there is a specific reason you are considering talking to a financial adviser. It’s often a plastic carrier bag full of years of various accumulated pension paperwork but it may be something else.

If you just want your specific questions answering we’ll do that; but the real value in consulting us will be to engage with our more holistic approach. We’ll do what we can to broaden the conversation to take into account your overall financial situation; and how this influences the life you lead.

Money is the tool that allows you to live the life you want to live. Your financial situation is different to other people. What you want to do in your life is different to other people. It’s personal. It’s about ‘you’.

We’ll help you do the planning personal to ‘you’. An initial assessment can be reassuring or in some cases it may be a call to action. However, with planning, the potential results can be eye opening, and in some cases it’s not too strong to suggest, lifechanging. Many clients are enjoying an early retirement they never envisaged or thought possible.

The plan can ‘shape’ income needs; maybe more in the immediate years after retirement whilst you are still fit and healthy enough to travel and enjoy life, maybe less later on when things get a bit more sedate! Most people just need to know they are going to be financially secure for the rest of their days; the confidence and knowledge they’re going be okay; peace of mind.

Yes, we can talk about and give advice on investments, savings, pensions and so on; but what’s the point if collectively they are not being utilized to fund the life ‘you’ want to live.

Financial planning is what we do – it’s about ‘you’.

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